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A rich baritone voice which is adaptable for characterizations ranging from mid-twenties slacker to authoritative corporate professional. Diverse and malleable voice which is able to fit a wide range of projects: bold and firm for serious fiction & non-fiction narration; seductive, intense, and mysterious for movie trailers; playful and warm for humorous commercials, promotions, and animation.


“Unique, Warm , & Conversational - The new Voice of radio”

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artwork by: Marvin Stein


A trained actor, Khristian Lee has the ability to bring different levels of energy and a diverse range of emotion to every piece of copy. He brings copy to life, helps relay your message & ultimately imprints your brand.
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Khristian Lee was born in New York on April 24, 1978. He was speaking full sentences before he hit his 1st birthday. He moved to Atlanta, Ga before his seventh birthday and currently lives there today. Shortly before his eighteenth birthday he started working with world renowned artist Deano Cook as a full time body piercer. It wasn't long after that Khristian Lee purchased a percentage of internationally recognized Psycho Tat-2.

He then moved in to real estate becoming a broker and & working on large redevelopment projects. When the housing market crashed in 2007 he decided to pursue his dream of voice acting. It wasn't long before he had his foot in the door at Cumulus Media in Atlanta, a major market. This would become the fertile ground needed to grow his acting, voice over, & radio careers.

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Khristian Lee is available for acting, voice overs and radio projects.

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